Mocking data with Wiremock

This is another one that I learned about through Google. No, I’m kidding. I’ve heard my collegues talking about it, and decided to try it by myself and see what it is. So: Wiremock. A tool that helps adding fake data to your project in order to facilitate your testing and/or debugging. If you don’t know what mock is, here is the wikipedia article. This tool is a simple HTTP(S) Java server that can replicate data staticaly using json files to describe them. [Read More]

First post!

I’ll jump-start this blog with the latest discovery I had recently experimenting with Python, Maven, and Robot Framework. The requirement is to check a relatively big CSV file (around 200K lines with a dozen columns) for data continuity i.e. if the period covered by the data in the file contains data for every day in the given period. As I have not had any real experience with Python (I tried it for some simple tasks, but nothing serious), this was a surprise to me: pandas. [Read More]